I am a Certified Mediator in accordance with the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act. I help generate options towards resolution of your civil, custody, or elder care dispute, by facilitating constructive outcomes for win-win solutions.

The role of a mediator is to help disputing parties find a mutually acceptable resolution to their conflict and case. Mediation is a powerful and cost-effective way for people to reach resolution without involving the intervention of the court. Potential advantages of mediation over court litigation include:


The stress of a courtroom proceeding can be overwhelming. In a lawsuit, there is typically a winning party and a losing party, which is ruled by a judge or arbitrator. In mediation, both parties have the opportunity to win through negotiation and mutual agreement. As a voluntary process, parties are always in control of the outcome, rather than leaving it up to a judge or arbitrator. 


Services are available at my office, or a suitable location in your area that we designate prior to the initial meeting. Most mediation sessions last approximately 2 hours, while in some cases extend to an entire day.