In mediation of civil disputes, parties are almost always represented by attorneys. I typically begin with a joint session to explain the process and ground rules, though in some cases, such as sexual harassment, abuse, or highly contentious disputes, parties may never meet directly but rather in caucus.


Sometimes the parties and/or their attorneys make opening presentations to each other and the mediator, in order to share their perspectives on the disputes and clearly delineate the issues. I strive to establish a climate for productive negotiation. We approach mediation with the assumption that the parties have come with a desire to reach an agreement if their interests can be met, and we do what we can to achieve that goal. 


The types of civil disputes I mediate include:

  • Small Claims

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Neighbor/Neighbor

  • Employment (wrongful termination, sexual harrasment, discrimination)

  • Housing

  • Business or Medical Malpractice