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Deconstructing Negativity Bias

February 3, 2023

11:00AM - 2:15PM

$80  -  3 CE

Negativity bias refers to the human tendency to be more impacted by unfavorable experiences than by pleasant ones. Negativity bias has its origins in self-preservation and survival instinct, as an innate, mind-brain predisposition towards protecting from danger or threats. Some examples of this include ruminating over a negative remark amidst a sea of praise, focusing on the one thing that went wrong yesterday over the many good things that occurred, or fixating on a friend’s minor misdeed despite countless positive interactions or qualities. 


This didactic and experiential training will help clinicians learn to deconstruct the negativity bias that is presented in therapy, which can aid in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, reactivity, and emotional regulation. 


Learning Objectives:

- Increase understanding of negativity bias

- Identify evidence-based treatment interventions 

- Gain tools for building resiliency to negative stimuli

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