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BBS Exams Facebook Study Group


This Facebook group is a community for students, trainees, and registered associates preparing for the California LMFT, LCSW, and LPCC Board of Behavioral Sciences licensing exams. 


It is a space to exchange ideas, share test strategies, discuss challenges, and receive support from peers. Members often help each other navigate the roadblocks of the BBS processStudying interactively with others can help to clarify questions and find new understandings to the exam material. Many members have formed local study groups from the new friendships and connections found here.


The group is set to private so posts or comments are never visible to the public. It is carefully monitored so that discussions remain respectful and safe and that spam, self-promotion or irrelevant links don't clutter up the space. This is a welcoming environment where healthy debates and lively discourse remain kind and thoughtful.

Joining the group requires answering the Member Request questions and/or having relevant info on your bio about your clinical status. If you have been declined from joining, feel free to submit a new request while completing those requirements.All psychology and social work students, trainees, associates, interns, and licensed professionals are invited to join. 

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