psychology of money, financial wellness, sudden wealth syndrome, investment anxiety, inheritance conflicts, spending habits

Financial therapy helps you look more closely below the surface to help discover the thoughts, emotions, and reactions that have led to struggles or challenges. I help people think and feel differently about money to overcome anxiety, patterns, negative beliefs, and assumptions.  


Often financial therapy happens in collaboration with finance professionals, such as tax experts and investment advisors.

Some of the most common issues I address with clients include problems with managing cash flow and debt, excessive risk aversion, chronic under-earning or overspending, making emotional or irrational financial choices, and allowing money to become a source of conflict in relationships. 

  • Manage your life and wealth in a healthier manner, that maximizes opportunities and minimizes risks by addressing behavioral tendencies

  • Minimize or examine fears/regrets about choices, decisions, and lifestyle, both today and for the future

  • Resolve any emotional issues or baggage that has impeded your financial decision making​

  • Prevent or address common financial and psychological pitfalls of sudden wealth, inheritance issues, or  investment anxiety