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Millennial Therapy in Alamo, CA


Millennials are adults born between 1981 and 1996, that grew up and have been adulting amidst complex global upheavals like 9/11, the rise of social media, two wars and recessions, a housing market crisis, and a pandemic.  


For older generations, there is often still a stigma about asking for help or even talking about mental health and wellness. Millennials are famously innovative and high-achievers, as a generation where entrepreneurship is a #lifegoal and self-care is a true priority. Many see the simpler, habitual lifestyle of their parents as passé, and instead of seeking counseling in crisis mode they do so preemptively so as to approach life from a place of wholeness. 


At Alamo Counseling, we see you and we know how to help. We see that you want a balanced life that is both purposeful and aligned with your values. A life that isn't defined by intense or overwhelming stress, competition, decision fatigue, dissonance, shame, or pressure. Our therapists are attuned and skilled to help you:

  • Work through past trauma
 & post-trauma anxiety

  • Process emotions & express yourself authentically

  • Explore & accept your personal identity

  • Release judgments & shame that disempower you

  • Build on skills, plans, & goals that fuel momentum

  • Manage ADHD symptoms

  • Navigate avoidance or concentration challenges

  • Improve communication skills to enhance relationships

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