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Therapy session

Mindful Boundaries and Self-Disclosure

February 24, 2023

11:00AM - 2:15PM

$90  -  3 CE

When practiced mindfully and appropriately, self-disclosure in treatment can strengthen the therapeutic alliance while evoking empathy and building trust. Training and consultation can help clinicians learn if, when, and how to self-disclose. Some self-disclosure may be unavoidable, such as appearance, mannerisms, office environment, and nonverbal communication. Practicing self disclosure with mindful boundaries and a focus on the client can be a powerful intervention for normalizing their experience and creating a safer space for self-exploration.


Learning Objectives:

- Identifying risks and benefits of self-disclosure 

- Incorporating disclosure in the form of empathy 

- Identifying the different types of disclosure

- Understanding boundary issues with self-disclosure

- Adhering to solid boundaries when self-disclosing

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