Therapy is a process of healing, growth, and change.

Changing patterns that aren't working, creating positive change, and increasing happiness in your relationships, work, family, life, and self.

I believe positive change is abundantly possible, but that sometimes it is easier to get there with some support and help. Counseling provides an opportunity to openly and securely discuss struggles, decrease stress, increase understanding of self and others, find solutions, and create positive change. I incorporate Attachment Theory and Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) methods with constructive insights, guidance, and empathy. I offer analytical feedback when appropriate, and always encourage clients to express any thoughts and needs about our sessions, my style, or your progress.

We start with a brief phone consultation, to discuss your needs and give you an overview about my background and approach. If it feels comfortable to you to move forward, we discuss fees and set the first appointment. 


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